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Sarah Dessen Books



Sarah Dessen is a published author who has been a hit within Young Adult Literature for many years. Primarily writing teenage books for girls, her high school characters go under a transformation of thought and realizations. Her main characters are young women who are coming of age and finding their way through life. Most often than not these girls have dealt with death, divorce, abuse, a broken heart, friendships, self-esteem issues, you name it. Dessen gets right at the heart of young girls and while reading her books young teens get the opportunity to relate, sympathize, and even learn life lessons alongside Dessen’s characters.

Personal Favorite!

I have personally read many of her books including Dreamland, This Lullaby, Lock and Key, Just Listen, Along for the Ride and my personal favorite The Truth About Forever; ALL have teenage women learning something about themselves as the swim through the sea of high school and family drama.

I highly recommend these books for high school teens who are looking for a book that they

Newest Release!

can possibly relate to, one with romance, life lessons and even some drama. Check out Sarah Dessen’s website and blog to find all the books she has to offer with her own comments and her desires for the books she writes and the readers who get swept away in her amazing stories.



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