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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

This is the fascinating tale of two young boys living during what is known as the Holocaust. This journey back in time is depicted through the eyes of a young German boy named Bruno and his new found friend Shmuel. However, though the boys become friends they are separated by not only a fence but the racist ideologies of the adults in their lives.  Taken from the perspective of young Bruno who is only nine, this book allows for one to see into the eyes of a child, children who do not understand exactly what is happening to them and why.

Bruno is clever in many ways, such as his language, yet does not pick up on all that is going on around him. However, Shmuel, who does know what is happening to the people “on his side of the fence” does not mention to Bruno all that goes on but simply holds is tongue, sparing his friend from the tragedies he endures from men like Bruno’s father.

In the end there is no mention of any direct understanding of where the boys actually are and what exactly takes place. Boyne has artistically taken the perspective of a child and leaves all the reasonings and history to the adults who are now aware of the happenings during the Holocaust, making them take a step back and look at it from a naive point-of-view and perhaps a better one.

If you would like to read parts of the book online click here, also we encourage you read the authors note at the end for a full explanation of how and why Boyne came up with the idea of writing about these two “young mens” and their stories.

This is a wonderful book for young adults who are interested in reading historical fiction and especially those into reading and learning about WWII. It is a very simple read and quick. Thumbs up!


Also, to read and get in-touch with the author on twitter, click here.


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