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The Book Thief

This book takes place in Germany during WWII, but this book is unique in the fact that Death is the narrator.  Death tells the story of a young girl Liesel Meminger as she grows up during the war.  Liesel has lost all her family and is taken in by the Hubbermanns.  As Liesel steals books and learns to read from her foster father, she discovers a love for the written word in a culture where book-burnings are taking place.

The Book Thief is rife with symbolism and feeling, allowing the reader to learn about the story of a normal girl of the time.  It is an amazing narrative that I would highly recommend.

Click here for an interview with Markus Zusak.  To go to Markus Zusak website click here, for information on his other book and discussion question to go along with The Book Thief.

Abby Greulich


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