My name is Audra and I am a student at Grand Valley State University currently studying to be an English    Teacher for Secondary Education. This site contains different elements of teaching and literature  for young adults who are encouraged to learn to love reading, experience it, and make it a part of  their daily entertainment. As aspiring teachers, it is our goal to help our students to fall in love  with the language they use. Through our posts and many different links, students will be able to  discover several young adult books and be able to compare them with literature found in the  English Canon.

My name is Brian and I am currently a student at Grand Valley State University. I am studying to be a History teacher for Secondary Education and hope to be teaching History to high school students in the near future. I decided on this area of emphasis when I came under the realization that the majority of the influential people that left an impact in my life were history teachers. My ideal classroom environment is one where learning is fluid and transparent between the teacher and the student. An environment where education is always adapting to best fit the needs of the student. Visual learning and hands on discovery are examples of some elements that make up an effective education and all this is possible through use of today’s technology. With visual learning and hands on discovery in mind we set up this website. We want this website to be a student’s one-stop-shop for a variety of information and resources in hopes of helping them see the connections between several young adult books and other literature.

My name is Abby and I am currently studying at Grand Valley State University to be an English teacher at the Secondary level.  I believe totally in the idea that Young Adult Literature has a purpose in the classroom.  It was YA novels that made me into the lifelong reader I am today.  I think that in finding joy in reading of any kind will students to become not only better readers, but better writers as well.  I think in Young Adult Literature the students will encounter a text that will not intimidate them, but also will give them necessary tools to moving on to books from the canon.  I think students can find a great joy in reading and joining a community of other people that love the same books as them.  And it is Young Adult Novels that can welcome students into that world.



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