The China Garden

If your students have gotten into the idea of reading young adult literature and are looking for another book with some

The China Garden

mystery in it, I would recommend The China Garden. Though the book is geared towards women but the mystery element, along with historical incorporations, could trigger a male teen as well.

The China Garden, written by author Liz Berry, is set in England where the main character Clare has to make major life changes about going to University and her career at the end of high school. Only there’s a twist. Her mother has a secret that she has been keeping from Clare in order to protect her from the life she never wanted her daughter to have, a life she herself was able to be spared from. Through ancient ruins and old legends, Clare will discover who she really is and the great destiny that was always hers. Not only that, but she will find love along the way while also discovering her mothers secret past that has lead Clare into the arms of Mark.

The entire plot of this book has considerable twists and turns that will keep the reader guessing and striving to find out what happens next. Though there is a warning for any teachers who own and lend out the book; there is an explicit scene, though not entirely graphic, where Clare does have relations with Mark that are not exactly PG. Therefore, be aware of this scene or explain to those who read it that there is chapter worth being cautious of.

Nonetheless, this is a great book with mysteries that keep the reader guessing till the end. It is also very well written and styled as though the reader is Clare herself and attempting to figure out the next clue to her secret life.



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